SchoolSmartKC would like to invite KCPS district and charter schools to join the School Food Pantry Cohort this school year! Through a SchoolSmartKC and Harvesters partnership, schools will be invited to start a food pantry (or grow/enhance their current food pantry). SchoolSmartKC will pay for items needed to set up a new school food pantry (including shelving, signage, etc.) as well as give each school up to $2,000 per year to use on the Harvesters online menu for the ongoing re-stocking of the pantry.

For more information, review the below materials and read through some FAQs below:

Application for School Pantry Harvesters with SSKC

School Food Pantry Flier

What are the eligibility requirements for families to access the school food pantries?

None! School food pantries exist to provide food for families who need help affording groceries. All school families are welcome to use the pantry; eligibility is not limited.

What are the reporting requirements?

Not much! School food pantries are asked to submit a simple monthly report to Harvesters with the number of school families who have used the pantry and the household size of those families.

Harvesters/SchoolSmartKC WILL NOT ask for any information that would identify students/families. What if our school participates in the BackSnack program?

At this time, your school can participate in both programs. Harvesters has recently completed an evaluation that shows that the school food pantry model is a better way to have impact on the food needs of both the student and their family. Therefore, Harvesters now strongly encourages any school looking to address hunger to start with the school food pantry program. Eligibility for BackSnack can be evaluated and addressed as needed throughout the school year.

What if our school already has a food pantry?

We would like you to consider joining this school food pantry cohort if it would help you grow or enhance your current pantry.

Does my school need to apply if I already have a school food pantry?

Yes, please still apply using the application attached. Harvesters needs your updated information every year and applying at this time will show that your school is interested in being a part of this initiative.

What if this initiative doesn’t really fit my school’s needs?

We recognize that each school is unique and that your school may have thoughts about how this support can best meet the needs of your students and families. Please reach out with your ideas- we are still building this initiative and may be able to accommodate or modify! If you would like more information, please join us for a question-and-answer session held over Zoom: Friday, August 12 at 1:00 pm REGISTER HERE Monday, August 15 at 11:00am REGISTER HERE

To apply: Submit the attached Harvesters application to both Rhonda Erpelding at Harvesters and Juan Rangel at SchoolSmartKC

Applications are due by FRIDAY, AUGUST 19!