Improved School Governance

Foundational to the success of our school system is an effective system of governance that ensures schools are held to the highest standards to benefit our students. Strong governance systems promote an unyielding focus on student success, create an environment where high quality teachers and staff thrive, and ensure resources are effectively and efficiently allocated to ensure a long term, stable financial footing for our schools.

Our work in this area involves supporting parents and families in building greater voice in school governance through educational programs to help them learn about our school system and increase their engagement and participation in decision making processes.

In tandem, we work closely with governance systems, particularly with charter school sponsors and boards, to better assess their areas of strength and improvement and provide robust training programs and strategic planning support to build charter board effectiveness.

Our Impact on Governance in Kansas City


SSKC is proud to partner with the following organizations on our Governance work:

The Strategic Organization
Missouri Charter Commission Logo
University of Central Missouri
University of Missouri
Missouri Public Charter School Association
Kansas City Public Schools

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